Rig Out

International lifestyle magazine

  1. Rig_Out_issue6

    Issue VI

    Our latest issue sees us once again teaming up with the great and good of the menswear world. Shot mostly in the Big Apple with most of the content having an NYC theme, we dedicate this issue and all profits made to the Sandy Appeal. Which means they'll probably get a cool £12.54.

  2. Rig_Out_issue5

    Issue V

    Japan! At last! We made it Mum! Look at us over in the Far East, taking pictures. Cram-packed with photography, from boxing gyms to third generation violin makers, the Rig Out Issue five brought you our slant on Japan. Only five years too late…

  3. Rig_Out_issue4

    Issue IV

    Morocco this time with Newcastle-born Andy Bird on modeling duties. Amidst the Arab Spring, we braved the desert and the moody Geordie to forge some fashion. We also popped over to Queens New York for a shoot with Angelo from Engineered Garments.

  4. Rig_Out_issue3

    Issue III

    Ahoy! Captain Redbeard joins the team! Shot in the north of Norway at the height of summer, our sleep-deprived team got all psychedelic in the snow and made some Art with the help of Mogwai.

  5. Rig_Out_issue2

    Issue II

    Not too far from home again, we shot the main spread for Issue two in an old disused pub in East Manchester. I found a bat under the counter and a shotgun upstairs. I didn't really. Felix Hall was the model for this shoot with Scotty giving it some blue steel for the studio shoot.

  6. Rig_Out_issue1

    Issue I

    This is where the journey began. We shot the mag in deepest darkest Cheshire and paid our model Browny a bag of coal and a pouch of baccy. I believe this is what Agyness Deyn got for her first fashion shoot?