Rig Out Magazine | Issue VI


Something about a man in the woods

Photography by Noah Kalina. Styling by Angelo Urrutia. Model: Eric Lyle Lodwick.

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Our latest issue sees us once again teaming up with the great and good of the menswear world. Angelo Urrutia returns to style us up another shoot, this time with celebrated Brooklyn-based artist, Noah Kalina. Kenneth Mackenzie of 6876 fame is also on styling duties, whilst Mordechai Rubinstein (aka Mister Mort) models for us. Shot mostly in the Big Apple with most of the content having an NYC theme, we dedicate this issue and all profits made to the Sandy Appeal. Which means they’ll probably get a cool £12.54.


Noah Kalina, Lena Dystant, Ewen Spencer, Mark Smith, Kenneth Mackenzie, Angelo Urrutia, Phil Thornton, Michael Richardson, Andrew Bunney, Nick Lewis, Linda Brownlee.


Dickies, Needles, Engineered Garments Stone Island, Woolrich Woolen Mills, 6876, Rohan, Aether, Ma Strum, Nike, adidas

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