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…100% Horsebeat?
Dave Cooke has worked with everyone from Moloko to Warp Records. We asked him to up the tempo a bit for the second of our Rig Out Radio sessions.
Now we don’t know too much about this type of music (apart from that its got a great beat!), so we asked Dave to describe the mix:

“I guess if you were being technical about it you’d say  –   American Alternative HipHop with a touch of Electro Funk.
Or if you were trying to be hip about it,  you could say Alt-‘tro-Hop-Funk!
But I’ll leave that up to you. I dunno. I tried to do something warm and funky and uplifting. Most of this stuff is from the nineties. Like I said before its definitely Good Ol’ Fashioned HipHop.”
The Rig Out prefers to call it,  Dad-Hop.
Here’s the track list.
1. Ignition Sequence (suite)
    The Rhythm
    Action Satisfaction – Jurassic 5
2. It’s Your Rock  –  Fantasy 3
3. Ego Trippin’  –  Nikki Giovanni
4. Ex Girl To Next Girl  –  Gang Starr
5. Too Hot – Swollen Members
6. Futuristic Aint Shit To Me  –  Gonzales
7. Paper Thin  –  Bahamadia
8. Lesson #6  –  Kryptic Krew
9. Time To Build  –  Beastie Boys
10. Luck Of Lucien  –  Tribe Called Quest
11. Wake Up (promo)  – J5
12. Public Enemy No.1  –  Public Enemy
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